most popular website ideas

most popular website ideas

most popular website ideas, Starting a new business plan set up today can be challenging, but not for the reasons you think, but for some other reason, I will explain below.

Most people think running the business, managing a team, and doing the financials is the hardest part of a popular website. But for many entrepreneurs, the first hurdle is setting up a good website.

Many business owners today get speechless by the idea of having to set up their websites. Luckily, you do not need to learn how to code and set up a popular website, but there are still many steps and things to learn.

In this article, we will cover all the topics on the most popular website ideas, the various types of websites you could build, and helpful tips on setting this process up. Also, read good vs bad website design.

most popular website ideas

First, let’s talk about the most popular website ideas.

There are several main most popular website ideas you could create. Each website idea will have its design style, structural requirements, and unique purpose. Below are the main ones.

Website Ideas for Beginners

Here are a few most popular website ideas to motivate you when building your website. Take what you find attractive in this article and applicable to your thoughts, and leave the rest.

Personal Blog

The most popular type of website is a blog, and then a blog is one of the best ways to build an engaged audience online is to start your own personal blog. Choose a topic base on your knowledge that you are passionate about. Pick a blog topic by looking at similar blogs on the same subject or conducting some keyword research.

Drop-Shipping Site

One of the most popular ways to sell products online is through drop-shipping. This involves sourcing your products on a website like an amazon and then have the manufacturer ship the product directly to your consumers in any country.

Start an Online Course

Another significant way to promote yourself is by developing an online course based on your website’s topic. Creating video animation content is much more affordable today than even a few years back ago.

Buy a camera, laptop, a teleprompter, and some good lighting, and you are ready to go. You can even record yourself using some content. Local History website

This is a type of most popular website idea of a news website that gives out exciting history and local tales about a specific place. This is great and good for someone who likes where they live and connects to their city’s roots news for them to publish it.

You can combine different website elements and futures into this one review of specific websites, local tours, information about local businesses in your local, and many more.

Interviews Site

This website idea is for anyone who likes to talk to interesting people and hear engaging stories may speak about their lives. The idea is to build a website where you host or interview experts or influencers in any field of masters and make them available to the public on your website. You can monetize the website either through a membership fee or even by selling access to the interview content or through sponsorships and advertising on the site.

Book Reviews Site

People love to make reviews on books and get recommendations for new books to read what all is about. Book review websites have been around for years and do pretty well. There are many o new subgenres or special interest topics in book reviews that you can focus on. So pick a niche to target a specific audience, and you will be very successful.

Now that you have some popular website ideas about the topic of your website, let’s talk about the technical part of actually setting up your website for the concept you just grabbed.

Sell Handmade product

This one will take a bit longer and is not for the week. It’s for creators of products that would like to take their hobby to the next level anywhere in the world. You can also sell other company handmade products and make a commission out of it.

Local Events or Travel Destinations

If you enjoy meeting people and traveling worldwide, this website idea is for you. You can create a website where you not only offer advice on the best local travel spots and tourist destinations, but you can also organize meet-ups and local tours with your audience.

DIY Items and Manuals

DIY is a significant and booming category. People are interested in buying handmade products, but what they like even more is making their products themselves.

You can sell the product package, product kits, or how-to for the product that direct the users to source their materials and make their products. Also, read Things you must do if you want to avoid Spyware.

Website Design Ideas

Creating a website can be quite a bit challenging for beginners. Most people don’t know where to begin from. They might want to start with a simple website builder but then realize it does not have all the features they want. A platform like WordPress or Magento can seem not to convince to beginners. It’s all about figuring out what you wish the website to do.

Below are a few criteria to consider before picking your website’s ideal platform.

•             Budget- What is your monthly budget plan for the product?

•             Expertise – How practical are you with web design or website building platforms? Do you know to code?

•             Goals – What are your goals on the website? Do you want to set up an online e-shop? A blog? A review site?

•             Integrations- Make sure the platform you are considering has all the integrations and futures that you need. These could include integrations to payment portals like PayPal, email marketing tools, content posting, or shopping carts for your product.

•             SEO – search engine optimization; remember to check the website’s technical setup. Does your platform set up all the technical aspects of search engine optimization (SEO)? Will search be able engines recognize and be able to easily index your website and rank it on relevant search results?

Answer these questions by yourself. Is your website ready, do some research, and bring up three possible solutions for your setup to prepare? That will make it easier for you to make a good decision and profit from it. Once you select the best option for your website, then you can dig deep into the requirements of that particular website builder or platform. I recommend WordPress. And if you get stuck, you can always get a developer to help you finalize the project, or you can hire me.

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