How To Start Your Career In Information Technology beginner

How To Start Your Career In Information Technology beginner

How To Start Your Career In Information Technology beginner, Many beginners in Information Technology career get an overly hopeful picture of the field from tech school ads that continually make note that “an average MCSE salary is about $80.000 a year! And if someone’s thinking or you of getting into IT and goes on the internet to do some research, they are met with the opposite end up of the spectrum complaint after complaint about how much IT is a terrible field, you cannot break in, there are no room for newcomers, etc.

As usual, the truth lies in the middle.  As much as I love the Information technology field, I will be the first to say that it’s often difficult to get that first job.  Many tech high schools have a job placement department, and that can be one big plus in their favor.  you may like Some Basic Changes To Make In Your Internet Explorer Options

What if you do not have that good resource working for you?  When you are breaking into any field, information technology or not, you must not make the classic mistake of sending a ton of resumes and waiting for your phone to ring.   The probability is that it won not.

You must get out by yourself and talk to people.  The term networking does not just refer to allowing computers to talk to each other but it also refers to people talking to each other.  In your case, you have got to get out and meet people.  Check the business section of your local newspaper.  There will be dozens of networking meetings listed in the newspaper. It does not matter that you are not in the field yet but go to these meetings and meet new people.  The initiative is never a bad thing for you.

And once you have to get that first job, make it count up.  Make sure to Show up on time and do what you say you will do.  If you don’t know anything, search into Google and find the answer or ask someone that has a more knowledgeable colleague.  Just doing these few basic things will put you way ahead of the pack of others

Getting started in IT (information technology) is as tough as breaking into any other field.  Having worked in a few hard jobs in my life, though, I can tell you this No other field in the world rewards individual drive, well-paid job initiative, and achievement like (IT) Information Technology.  The fact that you have to work so hard to get in will make your final and unstoppable success just that much sweeter.

Your Information Technology Career Certification vs. Experience

Whether you are just starting your (IT) Information Technology career or wanting to get further ahead in your current IT (information technology) career, you have probably thought about earning one of the many popular computer certifications such as the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification, or the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) cert and others.

The main point of frustration for individuals pursuing one of these certifications is a possible lack of experience with these IT technologies.  Many future CCNAs or MCSEs certificate simply stop trying to earn their certification, feeling that their lack of experience will hold them back. read also How to Make Sure my Wireless Home Network Is Secure

Adding to this are those in IT (information technology) who will stop everything they are doing at the drop of a hat to tread heavily on the dreams of others.  I recently saw a post by an IT newcomer on popular social media where he declared his intention of earning his CCNA.  Within a few minutes, several naysayers popped up and told him that he should not bother because it would not do any good due to his lack of experience, knowledge, etc. Did you ever notice that most people who bash certifications generally don’t have any themselves? I am in no way discounting the importance of experience.  What I am trying to say is that every single one of us was a beginner at one point just like you, and a lot of IT professionals forget about this.  None of us was born with knowing everything we know today, and we should not spend any time dismissing the goals of others in the information technology field, or those just breaking in.

I am speaking from experience at this point.  I had a tough time contravention into the IT field, and made a lot of calls and knocked on a lot of doors before I got into an information technology career.  I found out later that the reason I got that entry-level job is that I had a professional certification that the other candidates did not have it. 

The pursuit of certification is the pursuit of knowledge and in the IT field; you can never have too much knowledge on it.  If your work is strictly on the Local Area Network side, do not let that stop you from pursuing a CCNA certificate.  If you work exclusively only on the WAN side, don’t let that stop you from going after your MCSE certificate.  If you are just breaking into IT Information Technology, don’t let a lack of experience prevent you from studying for your A+, Network+, or still your MCSE or CCNA certificates.

Because one day, a job opportunity is going to knock and the more you know, the readier you will be to answer that knock questions!  Use your long-range vision to predict the day when you will have both experience and certification an unbeatable combination for IT.

Your Information Technology Career Beware the Comfort Zone

I have seen it happen time and again to programmers, network engineers and administrators and others, and other IT personnel.   They get a very good IT position, a good-paying job, and they get comfortable.  They stop keeping up with the new latest technologies, they stop studying, they no longer keep their CCNA, MCSE certificate, and other industry certifications up to date, and then one day, their comfortable job is no more.

Maybe they get laid off or maybe the company moves and they don’t want to move with you but for one reason or another, they are in the worst position possible.  They will have no job, and they have allowed their IT skills to go down to the point where they are no longer employable in IT.

If you are in IT, you must be constantly learning and doing research.  You must continually take the long view, and ask yourself the three most important questions.  First question, where do you want to be in the next three years?  Secondly, what are you doing now to reach your goal?  And finally, if you were laid off today, are your current skills sharp enough to get another job fast?

That last question can be most difficult for all to answer honestly. I am reminded of Microsoft announcing years ago that they would no longer make use of the MSCE 4.0 certification, since the network operating systems that certification was based upon would no longer be supported by MS.  Remember that this change was announced months in advance, giving those holding the MCSE 4.0 plenty of time to earn the latest MS certification before the date. read also Guide To Computer Security

Some MCSE 4.0s certificates just went nuts.  Microsoft’s certification magazine printed letter after letter from angry MCSEs saying that their company would always keep running NT 4.0 and that there was no reason for them to ever change their certification.

This was not just denial.  This was career suicide.  For instance, let’s say that their network never moved from NT 4.0.  Let’s also say that they got laid off today. Should you want to go out into the current IT workplace and have your most recent network new operating system experience be on NT 4.0?  I am sure will not.

The fact is that you are got to continue studying, continue growing, and continue learning new things if you want to have a very successful long-term IT career.  If you plan on studying one or two topics only, getting into IT, and then never cracking some book again, you are in the wrong field.  And for those of us who have been in it for a while again, ask yourself this question:  “Am I prepared for what would happen if I were laid off tomorrow?” think about it And if you are not, do something about it!

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