How do I become a content writer

how do I become a content writer

content writer job description

Here is the job description the job of a content writer is to create unique print and unique digital content for companies that provide information or showcase the products or services they provide and also for a blog post just like this one. To develop unique content that accurately reproduces company ideals and advertises, content writers often make research on the material they need to write each article or product description.

Trying to become a content writer when you are just starting out can feel stressful.

While building yourself as a content writer will take a boatload of hard work, there’s absolutely no reason that you cannot become a successful content writer.

Let’s break it down.

1. Write. Write. Write.

There is no secret to knowing that in order to become a successful writer you need to be a talented wordsmith. The best way to get there is to just keep writing and writing to develop your writing skills.

2. Create a professional bio

Creating a professional profile and bio this is one of the first steps to getting started. Some of the main things to make sure you add to your profile include: Elevator pitch about yourself, A high-quality image, Credibility boosters

A personal touch

Next, you are going to want to put together a portfolio of your work. Most clients will ask for a content writer for writing samples before hiring one, so make sure you have some great samples in your portfolio to share with your client.

3. Build a writing portfolio

There are many different ways to start building a portfolio without any writing experience so let’s take a look at these steps, starting with the easiest and finishing with the hardest but most rewarding and you will enjoy it

1. Medium

Medium is a website that allows you to create a profile and publish articles under your name. It’s free so anyone can create an account and just start publishing articles within a few minutes. The major benefit to Medium is that it’s a professional-looking and well-known website in the world.

2. Content Platform

A second way that will require a little more effort but is more effective and fast to get clients, is to create a portfolio on a content platform. Content platforms are all about connecting millions of writers with companies that need content services, so it’s a good place to start building a portfolio while also looking for prospective many clients to read also most popular website ideas.

3. Publications

The last one, one of the best but most challenging ways to build your portfolio is to publish articles on blog publications in your niche example Forbes for business and TechCrunch for tech. To do this, you will need to write some high quality content, and original articles and then submit them to the website editors in the same niche. Doing this will takes more time and effort but when done well can really give your portfolio some extra credibility and an example to show your client.

4. Pick a niche

Another big part of getting started as a content writer is finding a niche or even multiple niches, this can be more challenging especially early on because you want to accept literally any job opportunity that comes your way. I encourage you to move beyond this stage as fast as possible and find a good niche(s) that you enjoy writing about, Having an above-average understanding of and building yourself as an expert in a particular field or niche will help you land many clients, and charge more for your services.

5. Finding Writing Jobs

So, you are ready to tackle your first content writing job. The only problem is, you don’t have any idea where to land a writing job, there are a few different places to start your job search which are Social Media example Facebook, Job Sites, Freelance Writing Sites

6. Land your first client

Approaching potential clients is electrifying, yet nervous, my advice for content writers here is to develop a system or template that can evolve with you as a content writer. Here is an example of a system:

1. Start by making research on the potential client. Check out their website or product, read a blog article or two, and get a sense of what their business is all about or product.

2. Write a Proposal to them. This is your first step to building a relationship with your clients so don’t be afraid to ask questions or show some personality.

3. Anticipate questions ahead of time. Anticipate the questions or concerns a client might have ask you.

4. Follow up. If you don’t hear back from them, follow up. Most marketers and website owners are busy people so it’s not a new thing for an email to get missed or forgotten about.

Here is an example…

Hi (Client Name),

Last month I sent you a proposal for (the project name) and just wanted to follow up to see if you are interested.

When you are available, please reply if you’d like to discuss the project in more detail or have any further questions to ask.

(Your Name)

Once you have landed your first client, now is when the real work gets to start. You need to balance keeping clients happy, with landing new clients and not going crazy about it.

It’s also important very important to keep developing your writing skills keep writing. For this, recommend checking out Freelance Writing Stack it is a curated directory of freelance writing resources and tools you need.

Advantages of Content Writing Services

1. Connect with the Target Audience

We have taken a look, especially with start-up or small business owners that the content published on their website has no clear goal or target audience.

Your website needs to be more than a few random websites to generate customer engagement and sales. The corrective measure that the company needs here is to define a clear buyer persona for their client.

2. Streamline Your Brand Voice

In manipulating with other crucial business activities like yours, sometimes brands miss out on defining brand voice across their website and social media profile.

Brand voice is your unique path to talking to your target audience. It needs to be distributed across your social media, website, and marketing collaterals so that your audience can easily recognize your brand whenever they interact with your content or product.

3. Help Your Rank on Search Engines

Search engines like Google and big love content that is reliable, unique, and very clear for readers to understand. It needs to be of high quality, needs to have the right amount of long and short tail keywords you need to make keyword research, needs to have the right meta tags and slug that the link, needs to be the right amount of words needed, needs to have the right topic, and needs to have the right amount of backlinks in order to rank on that specific keyword.

4. Optimize Your Existing Content

In addition to new content writer, content writing services include optimizing your existing website articles as well. With search engine algorithms getting updated every year or when new things come out, most businesses are left with old and outdated articles on their blog. This will impact SEO rankings, and finally business. Furthermore, a content writing service agency has a team of experienced writers and SEO professionals who can take up this job in not much time read also good vs bad website design .

5. Multiply Your Sales Conversation Rate

Just writing content on your website will not work. Website articles and landing pages need persuasive content that is in total sync with the own right conversion ratio techniques. The right copy, appearing in the right place, with the right Call to Action and the right tone will help your traffic convert into profit.

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