good vs bad website design

Good and Bad Website Design Features

good vs. bad website design, The main difference between a good and a bad design can be placed on a large scale. Mainly, it’s a matter of opinion to different viewers of audience. For example, I can say one particular website is bad. On the other hand, someone could love it and even say it is the best. Do you understand my point? But, a website that functions appropriately correctly and has a nice and attractive appearance website, user friendly, and has reliable contact information pages in case of some issue, returns, or just typical questions like they may drop their Gmail address or phone number, I would consider this as good design website and fast loading website. A bad website design would be the opposite of the above mention. The website is poorly managed, does not have a professional look or feel or any of the above statement, there is no contact phone number or Gmail address for you to contact them, not user friendly, and if the website is un-secure, it is an example of a bad website. Most websites that are insecure and don’t have a contact number are scams in most cases.

good vs bad website design
good vs. bad website design

Bad Web Page Design

Now in the paragraphs, let’s discuss things to AVOID when creating a good website. Below are some features that can make a website difficult to navigate, are generally not pleasant to visit,, and affect your (SEO) search engine optimization. Examples of these features to avoid can still be seen on many websites today, one of the disadvantages of a bad website is making visitors or client leave your site, but you will notice there are only of them, and for some good reason: visitors don’t go back if they don’t like a website or it is hard to find the information they are looking for you may enjoy Basics of Web usability.

Feature of a bad website design

Backgrounds: Default gray color as a text background color, Color combinations of text and background color that make the text hard to read Busy like putting red color as the background and black as text, distracting backgrounds that make the text hard to read example like putting images.

Text: Text that is very small to read, Text crowding close against either edge Text that gives across the page Paragraphs of type in all caps Paragraphs of style in bold Paragraphs of style in italic Paragraphs of style in all caps and massive, bold, and italic tent all at once Underlined text that is not a link


Making Blue link borders around graphics images Links that are not clear about where they will direct you to Links that show a web address instead of a description of the destination webpages, Text links that are not identified as links in some way example, underline, bolded, a different color, Dead links are links that don’t work anymore that have delectated, Anchor links to content on the same page.


big graphic files that are not adequately sized for the website, Meaningless or useless graphics images, graphics images that are unrelated to the content of the webpage, Graphics pictures with no alt labels, Missing graphics, especially missing graphics without alt labels, and Graphics that don’t fit correctly on the web page


Borders that are turned on in tables, Tables used as design elements for the website

Blinking and animations

 Anything that blinks, especially text, button images, Multiple things that flash, Any “Under Construction” message or warning do not allow this, and you should remove these pages if they are found, Animations that never stop running slow the website, Multiple animations on the same web page


Counters on pages, some advertising on the website, having to scroll sideways on the site, too many little pictures of meaningless, unrelated awards on the first web page.


Unclear navigation; over complex navigation on the website, Any frame in the navigation bar, Orphan web pages with no links back to where they came from, no identification or direction, Useless web page titles that don’t explain what the webpage is about. You may like How to Improving Website Performance.

General Design

Frames that make you scroll sideways on the site, No focal point on the webpage, Too many focal points on the webpage, Navigation buttons as the only visual interest on the site, especially when they are large, Clutter; not enough alignment of elements, Lack of contrast in the web page in color, text, to create a hierarchy of information,

Good Web Page Design

One of the critical elements of a good web design is a lack of the elements that make a very bad web design. If you stay away from all things listed above,, you probably have a pretty nice web page. In addition, don’t forget all this and keep these concepts in mind:

Good website design


Backgrounds should not interrupt the with any text, and Text should be big enough to read example, 14 font size, but not too big; the ladder of information is clear now, Columns of text are narrower than in a book to make reading easier on the computer or smartphone screen.


Navigation buttons and bars are easy to understand and use at the top of a website, navigation is reliable throughout the website, Navigation buttons and bars provide the visitor with a clue as to where they are on the website, which category, what page of the website they are currently on, a big website has an easy to find index or site map of the website.


Link colors coordinate with page background colors, Links are underlined or somehow differentiated, so they are instantly clear to the visitor on the site.


Every graphic has an alt label. Be sure you insert alt in all your graphics images, be sure Every graphic link has a matching text link, and make sure all Graphics and backgrounds use browser-safe colors. Animated graphics turn off by themselves taking too long. And may slow the website.

General Design:

Pages download quickly, and All pages have an immediate visual impact within the top 1/2 of the web page. Good use of graphic images elements, graphics design, photos, subheads, try to pull quotes to break up significant areas of text, and be sure Every web page in the website looks like it belongs to the same website; there are repetitive elements that carry throughout the web pages

good vs. bad website design

Good website designBad website designs
Well designedInsane amount of info on one page
Simple, with “Learn more” optionsNo official domain name
Well-kept SEOPoor SEO
Mobile friendlyMobile-friendly
 Lack of design
 No contact info

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